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All information pertaining to blocking the accounts of users of ePayments payment system and their affiliated crypto exchange DSX in one updated post: official statements, rumors, refutations, and proofs!

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What happened

Since February 10th, the payment system began experiencing problems with servicing user accounts. The FCA check began and all funds on the accounts were frozen (input, output). Wallets in ePayments are not bank accounts and funds for them are considered electronic money —  clause 19.2.

Current situation

  • On February 10th, the FCA began an ePayments review.
  • On February 11th, the payment system suspended all customer activities on accounts.
  • On February 12th, ePayments plastic prepaid cards were «frozen».
  • On February 13th, the DSX affiliate crypto exchange suspended deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • On February 14th, ePayments published an official press release.
  • On February 14th, DSX renewed the possibility of deposits.  Withdrawal of fiat remained unavailable.
  • On February 17th, Robert Edmund resigned as director and Ms Elena Arbuzova replaced him at this position.
  • On February 18th, LeadRock received a response from FCA to its appeal.
  • On February 18, the section on the prohibited activities of the payment system was updated.
  • On February 19th, a «searchengines» forum-member received a response from the FCA staff saying that ePayments can pay money, but only to those on the “lists”.
  • On February 19, users of the DSX crypto exchange began to receive SMS messages from scammers asking them to pass verification.
  • On February 21, support tickets began to appear, asking to explain the origin of the cryptocurrency in the wallet.
  • On February 27th, ePayments updated the Q&A post on its blog, where it did not provide any new information.

Information to think about

  • Discussion thread on searchengines.
  • ePayments Hashtag Twitter Information
  • ePayments wallets are not banking accounts clause 19.2.
  • Mr Robert Edmund (former director of? EPayments), currently a director? one more payment service moorwand.com (most likely, this is a full-time employee of FCA).
  • His Twitter account (Mr Robert Edmund).
  • On February 19th, the dsx user received a text message from the scammers.
  • It is also impossible to close the account in the payment system.
  • There is information that Robert Courtneidge and his companies are actively involved in the binary options industry and brokerage operations with fraudsters. Cortnage-led companies have accepted dozens of fraudulent brokers as sellers and processed payments for them. Courtney also participated in the ruined Danish bank KBH Andelskasse. Authorities are currently investigating the bank on suspicion of money laundering. The bank appears to be controlled by people around Robert Courtneidge and Moorwand Ltd.
  • Private chat participants came to the office at the legal address and say that the CEO of the company is already in the police search list (screenshot).
  • Presumptive investment structure of Robert Courtneidge companies.
  • On February 26, there was news about a Robert Courtneidge (one of the former directors of ePayments Systems) and his controlled payment systems.
  • On February 28th, news emerged regarding ePayments and OneCoin’s money laundering connection. Link 1, Link 2.
  • OneCoin caused ePayments Systems Shutdown for Money Laundering?


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